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Ninety-Percent Mental
by Marion Winik

Caddyshack meets Friday Night Lights meets Romeo and Juliet in this YA novel for readers of both sexes.

Josh Devine can't take it anymore. The pressure on him as quarterback of the Rocky Valley Warriors is out of control. At the start of his senior year, he shocks his teammates and his football-crazy town by quitting to join the golf team. No one pays a bit of attention to golf, and that's just what Josh is hoping for. But Josh's departure put his best friend Randy in the QB slot -- not an easy place to be, under the circumstances.

After Josh finds his rhythm on the course, the Rocky Valley golfers start coming on in a whole new way. They begin to challenge the dominance of Eastern Heights, a snotty prep school in their league. Eastern's top players include the wealthy twins Audrey and Parker Jameson, and their best friend Bryce Van Osterburg. The boys on the team have a reputation for bad sportsmanship and terrible tempers, and they flare out of control when Audrey starts dating Rocky Valley's ex-quarterback.

Ninety Percent Mental is filled with football and golf action as it tracks both teams through the season. Josh and Audrey find their budding relationship shut down by her parents, her teammates, and finally, by Audrey herself. Then a cheating scandal with Josh at its center blows the whole thing sky-high and spills a confused teenager's deepest secret.

The things people do out of love, out of shame, and out of desperation ... like golf, they are ninety percent mental.

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