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Marion Winik, photo by Gr	eg Dohler
Photo Credit: Greg Dohler

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Longtime All Things Considered commentator (1991-2006) Marion Winik is the host of The Weekly Reader radio show and podcast. She reviews books for NewsdayPeopleKirkus Review and other venues and is a board member of the National Book Critics Circle. She is the author of First Comes LoveThe Glen Rock Book of the Dead and seven other booksHer Bohemian Rhapsody column at has received the "Best Column" and "Best Humorist" awards from Baltimore Magazine, and her essays have been published in The New York Times Magazine, The Sun and many other publications. She is a professor in the MFA program at the University of Baltimore. She has appeared on TodayPolitically Incorrect and Oprah. Other honors include an NEA Fellowship in Creative Nonfiction, and the yearly "Best Local Writer" Award from the Austin Chronicle from 1993 - 1997. More info at


HIGHS IN THE LOW FIFTIES (Globe Pequot Press, 2013)
THE GLEN ROCK BOOK OF THE DEAD (Counterpoint, 2008)
ABOVE US ONLY SKY (Seal Press, 2005)
RULES FOR THE UNRULY (Simon and Schuster, 2001)
FIRST COMES LOVE (Pantheon, 1996)
TELLING (Villard, 1994)
BOYCRAZY (Slough Press, 1985)
NONSTOP (Cedar Rock, 1981)



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