"Not many on earth who can slide between 
Lou Reed and Erma Bombeck and be 
this consistently funny."
-Poe Ballantine

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Marion Winik

11/4/15: On Fishbowl: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, And Also Before, in which my daughter Jane poses an important existential question and The Original Desperate Housewife of Dayton, Ohio, about Erma Bombeck, and the new one-woman play about her.

11/4/15: For Newsday, Women of Rock, a review of memoirs by Patti Smith, Carrie Brownstein and Chrissie Hynde.

10/8/15: On the National Book Critics Circle blog: Second Thoughts on "To The Lighthouse."

9/9/15Five portraits from The Glen Rock of the Dead appeared as poems 67 - 71 at the Poem-a-Day countdown to 35 years of AIDS at the HIV Here and Now website, curated by Michael Broder.

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