"Not many on earth who can slide between 
Lou Reed and Erma Bombeck and be 
this consistently funny."
-Poe Ballantine

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Marion Winik

9/7/16: I wrote a novel. Now what? A Fishbowl column from the crossroads.

8/3/16: I have a new column called Baltimore Writers' Club on the Fishbowl, in which I interview my friends about their books. 
    - Jessica Anya Blau on The Trouble With Lexie
    - Liz Hazen on Chaos Theories
    - Ron Tanner on Missile Paradise
    - James Magruder on Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall

1/8/16The Lunch Box Chronicles is included in Brain, Child Magazine’s list of top ten maternal sanity-savers of all time.

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